Faith and Loyalty

Cover Art: Faith and Loyalty: default Vazdimet cover shows the sun peeking over a blue planet.

When Faith and Reality collide...

Captured by the very Mordena he'd been tasked to destroy, Officer of the Hydell Order Max Coilin finds himself facing none other than their blasphemous leader, Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence himself. Max finds comfort in the friendly evening conversations with his deceased warden, Chief Cal Barthik, one of the Mordena pilots recently killed by Max's squadron.


But the Faith demands only those Ordained by the Ascended Conclave are worthy of Resurrection, and even more than Cal's existence, the Mordena themselves are nothing like he's been taught. As his foundations are shaken, will Max be able to navigate his own budding friendship with a Resurrected while negotiating the safety of the tattered remains of his squadron?