About Vazdimet Studios LLC

Portrait: M H Biscup, with a butterfly

Morgan Biscup

Morgan Biscup is the founder of Vazdimet Studios, and the creator and lead author of the Vazdimet universe. An electromechanical engineer by education, she enjoys exploring the impacts of technology and magic on people, cultures, and personal interactions. When she is not hiding in the bedroom to write, Morgan enjoys spending time with her husband, her two amazing daughters, and a highly opinionated cat.

Check out Novels of Vazdimet for more about Morgan's current projects.

Portrait: a mushroom, because mushrooms are awesome

E V Turnbull

E V Turnbull has a PhD in Creative Writing, which has served them well both as coauthor of Vazdimet and creator of Etrea, a beautifully crafted fantasy world of life in the shadow of forgotten history. They enjoy using their writing to explore themes and societal issues, both in prose and worldbuilding.

They share their home with two cats, eight guinea pigs, and numerous fish, shrimp, and assassin snails. They also write The Writing Course, collecting useful tidbits from their experience and education to share with other writers.

A. Dani

Chief Editor and Marketer for Vazdimet, A. Dani is also a published author of paranormal, science fiction, and steampunk romance. Sometimes behind the same cover. Her heroes are broken, her worlds are crumbling, but the love her characters find amidst the chaos stands on an unshakable foundation. 

Dani lives in South Carolina with her husband, daughter, a cat who thinks he's a human, a cat who thinks she's a dog, and a lizard who thinks he's a cat. Visit her work on Luridity or come chat with her on Twitch

Portrait: TJ Trewin

TJ Trewin

TJ Trewin is the artist behind Vazdimet Studio's gorgeous book covers. A freelance entrepreneur by trade, TJ is not only a highly skilled artist, but also an expert in CSS, icon and logo development, type design, and digital illustration. He's also the creator of Melior, a beautifully detailed dark fantasy worldbuilding project. 

Check out his work at tjtrewin.com, and maybe throw a commission his way. 


Astron is the artist responsible for most of Vazdimet's worldbuilding art. A freelance digital artist by trade, he's also skilled in animations and music. When not creating more digital masterpieces, you'll likely find him playing Dark Souls. 

You can also commission him on ArtStation.

Portrait: a highly stylized art of Damion Otter

Damion Otter

Damion is Vazdimet Studio's webmaster, and responsible for much of the beautiful CSS work behind Vazdimet Studio's websites. He's also a skilled author in his own right as head author behind Ravare, a massive nobledark fantasy setting with horror influences throughout. With the collaboration of his team, this dark paracosm has become home to several TTRPG games and hours of reading material.

Artists and Art Credits

Final Book Cover art by TJ Trewin. Character and other Vazdimet art Astron. Custom website backgrounds by Garrett Grace Lewis. All art custom commissioned with full commercial rights.

Placeholder Book Covers and default header by Morgan Biscup, with files from LoganArt on Pixabay. Art on WorldAnvil for Vazdimet, Fillimet, and Life's Postcards as credited.