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Art Display of books: In Spite of the Inevitable, Mordena Dawn Book 1

We Have So Many Novels Planned for You to Devour...

We're currently planning on publishing our first book November 17, 2023, with many more to come.

You can find out more under our Novels page.

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Sketch: citizens of Janikk enjoying one of the many balconies of their capital city

Life on Janikk, by Astron

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Vazdimet's worldbuilding is available on our WorldAnvil site. Read for free, and even make an (also free!) account on WorldAnvil to interact with your favorite articles, post on our Discussion Boards, and unlock new secrets by marking which novels you have already read.

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Character Portraits from current projects in Vazdimet, one shows a tawny feline humanoid (katanoj) with black tufted ears, the other a uniformed female Sparnelli officer

Pavel and Hawke, by Astron

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Mailing List subscribers are the first to learn about new events, promotions, and novels within the Vazdimet Universe. You'll also receive behind-the-scenes information about projects past and present, and even personal events in our own lives.

You'll also have the opportunity to read free side stories involving the many characters across the Vazdimet universe, including collaborations and crossovers with other talented authors!

Character Art: a full body image of Rock Danger grinning in his pink bathrobe, a muffin in one hand, a colorful coffee mug in the other

Rock Danger, by Astron

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Subscribers on Patreon can gain full access to our library of prose including novels, short stories, live fiction, and more! This includes in-work novels and on-hold novels in all stages of edits, many of which will not be formally published for many years as we work out timeline events to ensure Vazdimet remains historically consistent.

Higher tiers include additional perks, such as additional access to secrets, or even the ability to create your own original character, with the possibility of a cameo in some of our writings and Live Fiction events.

If you'd like to enjoy the full experience of Vazdimet, and everything we have to offer in our library, this is your chance. See the current list of novels here.

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Product: a pencil case printed with magic lessons, a teacher demonstrating hydromancy to a class of children

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Show your support of Vazdimet with gear from our Redbubble shop! Shirts, hats, stickers, pillows, and so much more, all with commercial-rights commissioned art from our worldbuilding articles.

Product Image: two people wearing a shirt printed with the Vazdimet logo
Product Image: a sticker of Feels, a multicolored insectoid fae, on a water bottle
Product Image: the red and black Mordena logo in a black baseball cap
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