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Spirits of the Relentless: Mordena Dawn, Book Two

To lead others, he must first embrace who he was – and what he must become.

After the Turncoat Armada’s surrender, Void necromancer Shane Lawrence is left with a command he never sought and a fleet without a sanctuary. At risk of retribution from both the planet they tried to conquer and their vengeful former allies, the fleet’s only hope lies with Shane’s ability to find them a new home.

He sets his sights on the uninhabited planet TR-75, but there's a catch: Planet TR-75 is claimed by the planet herself. ‘Janikk,’ the lone surviving soul of an ancient civilization, whispers her name on the winds and commands the wildlife to repel intruders. To secure a future for his fleet, Shane must do more than communicate with the long-dead; he must win the favor of Janikk’s guardian, face the ghosts of his past, and earn the approval of a planet that is anything but empty.


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