Vazdimet Studios in the Media


Creating a Community

Vazdimet's Discussion Boards || 30 October, 2021

Vazdimet's use of discussion boards to interact with our community via Live Fiction was featured on WorldAnvil's Blog as one of several ways to effectively use the Discussion Board feature.

Check out Vazdimet's Discussion Boards and immerse yourself in the characters and locations of the universe. Posting requires a (free!) WorldAnvil account.

Foundations of Worldbuilding

Vazdimet's Worldbuilding Meta || 1 October, 2021

The Meta detailing Vazdimet's foundation was featured on WorldAnvil's blog as one of several examples for other worldbuilders on effective Meta writing.

Read Vazdimet's Meta, or skip straight to the world introduction that built off these themes and Explore the Universe of Vazdimet.

M H Biscup, Founder and Lead Author

Friday Night Writes: Making Time

WorldAnvil Twitch || 21 October, 2022

M H Biscup shares tips on finding time for writing with Janet Forbes on WorldAnvil's regular Friday Night Writes series, a weekly writing sprint event covering an array of topics.

E V Turnbull, Author

Friday Night Writes: Story Ideas

WorldAnvil Twitch || 21 September, 2022

E V Turnbull discusses developing story ideas with Janet Forbes on WorldAnvil's regular Friday Night Writes series, a weekly writing sprint event covering an array of topics.

Brave New World: Etrea

WorldAnvil Twitch || 9 September, 2022

In this interview with Dimitris Havlidis, CTO of WorldAnvil, E V Turnbull dives into the lore and worldbuilding behind one of their other writing projects, Etrea. Check it out!

Writing Realistic Characters

WorldAnvil Twitch || July 2022

E V Turnbull speaks with WorldAnvil's SecondHand Samurai (Andi) on how to create characters for writing and worldbuilding, including how to avoid overused archetypes, and methods to get into their heads to add depth.

They also share some behind-the-scenes on our work with The Hands of Destinee trilogy.

Building a Daily Writing Habit

WorldAnvil Twitch || 29 May, 2022

E V Turnbull (Serukis) participates in a roundtable discussion with several other writers from WorldAnvil, discussing how to build a daily writing habit.

Cera Daniels, Chief Editor

Friday Night Writes: Novel Worlds

WorldAnvil Twitch || 14 October, 2022

Cera Daniels (DaniAdventures) joins Janet Forbes of WorldAnvil for Friday Night Writes, providing her personal insights - as both author and editor - into worldbuilding when writing novels.

Setting Manageable Goals

WorldAnvil Twitch || 21 July, 2022

Cera Daniels (DaniAdventures) joins Secondhand Samurai (Andi) of WorldAnvil, sharing her knowledge as a professional goal coach and editor to provide guidance on converting current projects into manageable goals.

You'll also catch her talking about her own personal project, Luridity, a galaxy where love is love and life is lived. If you're interested in wholesome and inclusive romance, definitely check it out:

TJ Trewin, Book Cover Artist

Worldbuilding with TJ Trewin

Timepool Twitch || 21 November, 2021

TJ Trewin discusses his Worldbuilding Planner - including his personal tips and tricks for planning his worldbuilding and keeping himself accountable - on stream with Timepool. If you enjoy writing, worldbuilding, or both, definitely check it out!

(Timepool is the artist behind the Vazdimet and Fillimet logos, as well as the art backgrounds on this site!)