Mordena Dawn Series

Character Art: An imposing man dressed all in black bends over the shoulder of a young boy dressed in a green school uniform, black tendrils of Necromancy swirling between the boy's hands.

How far would you go to hide from your past?

You can try to run from your past. Bury it down deep where no one will find it. Do whatever it takes to keep your demons hidden.

But the truth always has a way of finding the light.

And there will come a time when the only one left to take the fall for your choices...

 Is you.

Uncover the truth behind the fearsome Mordena mercenaries' origins with MORDENA DAWN, a five book science fiction fantasy adventure exploring the meanings of life, death, and family. Join the secretive Shane Lawrence and his unexpected allies on a quest for redemption and self-identity as they rush to save the universe from their past mistakes.

Cover Art: In Spite of the Inevitable: a serious-faced human male janitor with nametag "Shane" clutches a mop in one hand and a locket in the other, with black tendrils of Necromancy emerging from his locket hand as he stares out a window at the planet below. A multicolored insectoid fae flies above his shoulder to whisper in his ear, while the reflection of a snarling white humanoid wolf reflects back in the glass on his other shoulder.

In Spite of the Inevitable

Haunted by his past and finally beginning to adapt to civilian life as a single father, Shane Lawrence finds himself thrust back into his role as a military tactician in a desperate effort to defend his new home.

Cover Art: Spirits of the Relentless: A grim-faced woman with unruly red hair and freckles stares out, dressed in a light-colored camouflage complete with helmet and goggles, gripping a laser rifle.


Spirits of the Relentless

Now tasked with the safety of the Turncoat Armada and its crew, Shane Lawrence and his allies attempt to appease the vengeful distrust of a sentient planet in an effort to find a place to call home.

Cover Art: Ambitions of Atonement: a multicolored insectoid fae


Ambitions of Atonement

The fledgling Mordena mercenaries organize a hostile takeover of Feels' former criminal organization, the Phoenix Assembly, confronting their past as they strive to build their dreams of a brighter future.

Cover Art: the default Vazdimet cover, of the sun emerging from behind a blue planet.

In Pursuit of Reckoning

Focused on building a life for those looking to him for command, Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence discovers betrayal from members of his own fleet - traitors still loyal to Admiral Kydell. Desperate to set things right, he knowingly jumps into a trap, focused on his most important mission yet: rescuing his son from Sparnell.

Cover Art: An angry black feline humanoid stands in brown military inform, the black magic of Necromancy curling between his hands

Grim Reminders

Lawson Zane and Renkash Alenahs, orphans of the Legion attack against the farming planet of Yarva, find themselves unexpectedly serving their SAF conscription together. Both driven by a shared resolve to honor the memory of their parents, they discover they each have different ideas of what, exactly, that means.