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Mordena Dawn, by Morgan Biscup

Necromancer-in-hiding Shane Lawrence returns to the past he left behind to protect his son and those looking to him for guidance. (Science Fantasy Space Opera)

Final Published Version


Hands of Destinee, by Morgan Biscup & E V Turnbull

Freehold gossip columnist Lira Noakes sets her sights on playboy Mordena heir Jake Lawrence, and ends up with more than she bargained for. (Romantic Science Fantasy)

Book 1: A Date with Destinee

Rough Live-Writing Draft

Book 2: Destinee's Call

Rough Live-Writing Draft

Book 3: The Path of Destinee

Rough Live-Writing Draft

Book 4: Facing Destinee

Tentative: 2024

Tempting the TAG, by E V Turnbull

Sparnelli TAG-in-training Kester, struggling with his role in the Sparnell Armed Forces, meets his match in an opinionated healer, Yara. (Science Fantasy Romance)

Book 1: Tempting the TAG

Ongoing Work-in-Progress

Stand Alone Novellas, by Morgan Biscup

An assortment of novellas within the Vazdimet universe, exploring various side characters. (Science Fantasy Space Opera)

Faith and Loyalty

Alpha Draft

Blood and Water

Draft 0, SPOILERS, needs edits to realign with timeline

In Pursuit of Acknowledgement

Draft 0, SPOILERS, will expand to a full novel eventually

Other Assorted Works, by Morgan Biscup

Other not-yet-sorted writing project drafts.

"Renkash A" (Working Title)

WIP (on pause), SPOILERS