The Universe of Vazdimet

Why Vazdimet?

Vazdimet exists to explore the intersection of my engineering background and my love of fantasy. It's a universe where magic is rooted in science and technology, and death doesn't have to be the end. I use Vazdimet as the backdrop for fun magical space adventures, inviting my friends and readers to explore interpersonal relationships in a hazard-filled universe with different rules and different species. These stories explore my beliefs that, deep down, everyone is just doing their best with what they've got, that we're not so different from each other after all, and that it takes a strong person to admit to their own humanity.

"What happened that day on Loxira, Grim? We all thought you were dead."

His father stiffened, only relaxing when Jake buried his face in his coveralls. "I..." He faltered, but only for a moment. "I killed them all, Alanis. Shattered. Caroline was dying. They were going to kill Jake. I... I couldn't let that happen. I still see them at night. I trained half of them. I..."

"You saved me." Jake squeezed his father tighter, nuzzling his chest with his cheek. He remembered the stranger in the uniform of the enemy – his father – who'd broken ranks to wreak sudden and terrible destruction upon the others. His mother's cries of relief. His father's growing frustration when he couldn't save her, too, and all the energy he'd spent trying. The following months hiding in that bunker deep beneath the ground, waiting for the SAF fleet to give up their search. "You always save me." Jake's practiced eye watched his father hold back the threat of tears.

Alanis' voice was soft. "Where's Caroline now?"

Jake answered for his father, earning the necromancer's gratitude. "The Legion believes we were only meant to live this life once. Dad offered to resurrect her, but she said no. So he taught me Soul Call instead."

 "You've changed, Grim." Her words carried kindness. "And not just on the outside."

What is Vazdimet?

Vazdimet is a universe at war, its patchwork of alliances fracturing under the strain of political maneuvering and distrust of those unknown and different. Within this landscape an assortment of factions wrestle for power over their neighbors, or peace for their allies. The limits of magical technological knowledge are pushed relentlessly by those seeking an edge in the neverending wars, while scavengers lurk in the shadows eager to tear through the aftermath for personal profit. Heroes and rivals rise and fall in the ebbs and flows of battles across the void of space and the hearts and minds of their people, each seeking their own version of immortality.

Impacts of Magic

Magic is a crucial component of the universe, serving as the backbone of countless advances in technology. As the needs of the population change so too do the applications of magic to fulfill daily needs.

With the ready availability of magic comes large impacts upon society. Death is merely the beginning of a new phase of life as souls are harnessed to craft intelligent devices and computronics. Travel between the stars relies upon magical portals or even travel through the Afterlife itself, and spacecraft are designed around housing the items and biomes necessary for generating the magical fields to power their desired magics within the voids of space.

Life, Death, and Survival

The populace has divided into various factions centered around their core values, needs, and beliefs. Most of these remain at odds with each other over competition for key resources and discoveries, or merely the drive for power. Some strive to form mutually beneficial alliances with those around them, while others thrive on the thrill of subjugating those who cannot withstand their power.

Lance and Gionna, by Astron

Shane Lawrence and Razick Kane, by Astron

Jake and Lira on Janikk Station, by Astron

Themes of Vazdimet

Vazdimet is built upon the framework of my original fantasy world of Fillimet, extrapolated many millennia into the future.

Time moves relentlessly forward, and the universe progresses with it. Truths from the past twist and adapt to better fit the present. 

Vazdimet dives into the impact of time on the people and technologies of the past.

Politics and Conflict

My father doesn't lie, but I'm a politician. I don't have that luxury. | Navarch Jake Cartwright Lawrence

Spurred by the The War for Enlightenment which ended the Age of Fillimet and unleashed long-hidden magical secrets upon the world, Vazdimet is a universe torn asunder by squabbles over power, territory, and control. Sometimes the strong prey on the weak, sometimes the powerful defend the defenseless, and sometimes the helpless discover things are not as hopeless as they appear. The narratives of Vazdimet explore the different facets of these conflicts, from the motivations behind them to how each group reacts and interacts with themselves and others.

Personal and Organizational Motivation

Those who defy the Natural Order deserve the cleansing flames for their blasphemy. I wouldn't expect a heathen like you to understand the necessity of my work. | Knight Commander Hallick

Vazdimet explores the motivations of individuals and how these core drives and beliefs can change and be changed by a person and their experiences over time. Hubris, redemption, corruption, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of... something are just a sampling of the topics that come into play. Vazdimet is also a universe of conflict and alliances, where people cling tighter to what and who they know even while continuing to pushing the boundaries of exploration and science.

Magic as Technology

It's true, we haven't mastered the technology of the Hyperjump. But why would we rely on costly Necromancy when our portal drives have proven themselves superior? | Chief Engineer Daoff Asul

Technology remains a core of Vazdimet's worldbuilding. New discoveries in magic and technology alter the way they are used, while beliefs and culture dictate their place in society. Vazdimet uses these changes to show how the Magic of Fillimet has been adapted, applied, and reclassified now that even the vast expanse of space has begun to yield its secrets, revealing the long term impacts of these changes on expectations and societal norms.

The Meaning of Death

Not even the dead have seen the end of war. | Admiral Selkirk Tallinah

Due to the prevalence of Necromancy, many cultures view the Afterlife as little more than another state of being. When death itself is considered nothing more than a doorway between possibilities, the value of life versus death changes and adapts. Afterlife Planners work to assist in fulfilling goals and dreams in the next life, while work as an Afterlife Intelligence has become a common career path for the deceased. Vazdimet questions the true meaning of existence when life itself is a renewable resource.

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