Free Novella: No Way Home

Book cover for "No Way Home" by Morgan Biscup, showing a bloodstained metal chair with a window to the stars behind it.

Mordena Dawn, Novella

It was supposed to be a simple patrol. The Sparnell Armed Forces were waiting.

Now imprisoned on a Sparnelli spacecraft, Lieutenant Rabert Asik faces interrogation spellwork designed not just to break his will, but to claim it. The enemy will stop at nothing to steal Rabert's comprehensive knowledge of the planetary defenses for his homeworld, Baden: the SAF's next target for conquest.

His new objective? Save both himself and his unconscious wing pilot from the mind-altering magic of Admiral Kydell. Escape may not be possible. 

But Rabert won't give up Baden’s secrets without a fight.

No Way Home takes place prior to In Spite of the Inevitable, the first book of the Mordena Dawn space opera fantasy series.

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