Spirits of the Relentless

Coming 21 May, 2024!

Book Cover for "In Spite of the Inevitable," by Morgan Biscup. A stern-faced man stares at a fruit held in his fist, with glowing golden magic rising from the fruit. A scientific device with a large screen is strapped to his waist. A tree is visible in the background, with many red flowers at its base and dangling pink flowers above, forming hidden faces.

Mordena Dawn, Book Two

Shane Lawrence has inherited a problem.

When the Turncoat Armada surrendered, no one considered the future well-being of its crew. Determined to fulfill this unexpected obligation, the necromancer sets forth to find a refuge for his emotionally battered military fleet, turning his gaze to the uninhabited planet of TR-75.

But there's a catch. TR-75 has already been claimed - by the planet herself. "Janikk" whispers her name on the winds, stirring up the native wildlife to decimate all incursions with vengeful distrust.

Resolving to succeed where others have failed, Shane's team embarks with a different priority, one focused on respect for the ancient spirit said to haunt the coveted world. They soon discover winning her favor requires facing the ghosts of their own pasts.


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