Ambitions of Atonement

Coming 2024

Mordena Dawn, Book Three

Sometimes the biggest threats are the closest allies.

Void necromancer Shane Lawrence needs resources for his new fleet, to help his people secure the futures once stolen from them. The resurrection network once led by his deceased partner, Feels, could provide that aid. But in the fae’s absence, the Phoenix Assembly is under new, enigmatic management, and the once-helpful organization has fallen morphed into an ominous force that casts shadows over every illicit corner of Baden.

But while Shane tries to build a new future by atoning for his past, Feels is restless and longs for parts of that past. When a chance discovery threatens the very foundation of everything they’ve built together, Shane and his allies are left once more grappling with the aftermath of betrayal. Can Shane rebuild what was lost, or will his efforts for atonement lead only to deeper despair?