Ambitions of Atonement

Coming 2024

Mordena Dawn, Book Three

Sometimes the biggest threats are from the closest allies.

Necromancer Shane Lawrence has set his sights on the Phoenix Assembly, Baden’s underground resurrection network once helmed by his deceased partner, Feels. In the fae’s untimely absence, the Phoenix Assembly has fallen under the control of an enterprising and mysterious new leader. Nightbird has since expanded the Phoenix Assembly’s reach, moving beyond its roots to cast its shadow over every illicit corner of Baden.

But while Shane remains focused on building a new future by atoning for his past ruthlessness, his partner has been harboring feelings for the way things used to be, fracturing his trust and his emotions to achieve their own goals. Left struggling mentally and physically, Shane is forced to examine not only his new obligations to the Mordena, but to himself and his personal relationships as well.