Necromancy is a Wholesome Science

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Welcome, Reader, to the official homepage of Vazdimet, a spacefaring universe exploring the meanings of technology and interpersonal relationships against a backdrop of magic, war, and perseverance.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a need to tell stories. Over time I graduated from short stories submitted in lieu of fourth grade vocabulary assignments, to unfinished science fiction novels drafted during high school religion classes, to fantasy worlds invented for entertaining my kids.

All to arrive here, at this moment, in this universe. Vazdimet.

Of the countless souls you'll meet in your explorations, the one you'll find the most is mine, poured into its many pages of novels and worldbuilding. My hopes and dreams, mistakes and regrets, education and experience, flow through Vazdimet's veins the same way the magical fields flow between its stars. 

I've made many discoveries about myself along the way, and met many talented authors, readers, and creatives. Some I've somehow convinced to join the Vazdimet Studios team, to help bring my dreams of publishing to life.

My first book, In Spite of the Inevitable, will be available later this year, with many more in the works, including several collaborations and solo manuscripts from other authors. 

I'm excited you're here. I hope you enjoy discovering Vazdimet as much as I have.

~ Morgan Biscup, Founder and Lead Author of Vazdimet Studios

What Others are Saying...

Morgan's extraordinary setting is steeped in magic-based technologies with a focus on Necromancy as a wholesome science (!); it brings together engineering-expertise and fantasy into one of the most creative projects on World Anvil. 

Frankly, I'm in love.

Janet Forbes, Founder & CEO of World Anvil

Morgan's incredible characters is something I 100% aspire to.

Stormbril, creator of the Award-Winning world Cathedris

Seriously, Morgan's characters are so delightfully motivated.

A. Dani, bestselling author of Luridity

When it comes to worldbuilding, I really love what Morgan has done with Necromancy. It's not just a magic that happens to exist, but really shapes the characters and world.

Zack Bel, author of The Songbird Princes

Current Projects and Opportunities

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